I love my GIRLS. They're the best thing that's ever been mine!


Harini Oficially i ponteng sekolah you... haha! =P

Actually, harini patotnye ade Picnic ngan my girls .. hoho^^
i wanted to go and join them so badly i can tell..
but i couldnt .. ahhh..
Honestly Frankly Really! i felt so terrible and and i have missed an awesome chance to hang out with friends that have made me realized where i belonged to..
I wanted to join em,, BADLY!
But i can't =(
Takde transportation, abah pergi KL + ibu takot kalau sumthin' happen bcoz nowadays tears from the sky falls unexpectedly.. rightrightright?? heee =)

My heart is hurting == still, for disappointing them && myself. huh =(
But it's okay SUFINA, i bet ALLAH HAS SOMETHING GREATER FOR YOU .. it's okay,, cool chill relax girl. =)

and and YEAH! i have been STALKING my friends lately and i have found out that they are enduring some harsh time.
The result of the investigation :
  • Anis Nadhirah
  • Anith Syazlin
  • Nur Nadhirah
  • Amal Madihah
  • Nur Hanisah
Nama diatas dikatakan sedang menghadapi masalah, Su ta taw ape cer tp seems like they are hiding something behind their beautiful faces. I don't know who HURTS them but if you are reading this HATERS or whatever kinda human you are .... i'm telling you to BACK OFF !! They are my besties and this is for you if you currently HURTING em, CONFUSING em, PLAYING WITH THEIR HEARTs, or whatever shit you are doing :

Back off DUDE!


missanith said...

omg babee! terharuu laaaa bacee blog awk , huuuuuu , ni nk menangis nii .
may Allah bless this sweet girl names Nurul Sufina , syg awkk byk2 :) weeeee .

Anonymous said...

omg suuu . thanksss . yg last tu sgt terharuuu :)

Sufina said...

Anis :: hoho^^ syaa gembiraa anda terharu.. heeee =)

Sufina said...

Anith :: awww,, jgn menangis sygss.. =)
ouh,, thanks dear! may Allah bless you too Anith Syazlin <33333