I'm Nervous !

v., to worry; to scare; to bother; to cause feelings of tension or concern; to evoke agitation or distress.
"She nervous es me." (As uttered by incomparable 'New York' on the VH1 program 'Flava of Love')


The level of nervousness.
Before my big appearance on stage, my nervocity was very high.

Stuyding infront of small crowds can help you keep your nervocity down when you present infront of large crowds.

saya nervous!! TIDAK!!

kadar degupan jantung syaa dah mencapai thap max nie!


sebab ape sebab ape sebab ape????

Buat mase ini...
benda alah ini telah menyebabkan saya punya jantung itu kasi gonjang kuat kuat lorh~

i'm gonna be one of the earliest human on the Earth to take that exam in MRSM Taiping =0
oh no~

Scared to death? no way der..

Some Information that i have collected =)
  • bring you ic.. you know laa kankankan?
  • they said science is very easy..
  • math is kinda hard,, not to use formula too much but more to IQ thingies..
  • wear your school uniform attire. =)
  • your answer in the Personality Test must be into Science.. blablabla... Syaa yg sesuke letak must be =)
i guess that's all that i got.. Any additional info? tell me =) share2~

i'll pray for your success guys especially my girls anith,anis,pijah,zyra,amal,nisah,dira and sume yg mengenali syaa.. huuuu^^

Jantung mula berdegup kembali dan perut mula berbunyi.... LAPAR!!!

Thats all i guess,, bye-bye~~

credit for Pijah for the cute lil pictures..


hantumakan said...

kezen, gudluck

well, judging by yer performance, sure kacang ma for u.. ngeheheee

Sufina said...

thank you kak~ <33

ohh,, i hoppe i can finish the exam with a smile.. heee=)
but but i x start studying lg nie.. haha ^_^

pray for me ya? thank you for you uplifting comment!! love ya always <3