I'm sorry, i hurt you..

I don’t really know if you hurt me “recently.” It’s not recent. But sometimes, it feels like it is. It shouldn’t feel like that. You can ignore me without being mean about it. I guess I just never thought it would be like this. So much dislike, so much hurt. I don’t know if you really hate me. I guess I never will. But it’s over now. You don’t need to dwell on things anymore. I’m trying not to.

If you have ever been hurt.

You deserve better than the way you were treated.
You are more than good enough.
You don’t need to change for anyone.
Your smile is precious.
You shouldn’t ever lower your standards.
You deserve happiness.

You are loved.




amir said...

good BI..look like i'm far away from good..huhu..

Sufina said...

haha! mane deh..
Amir BOLEH! huuuuuu^^