Gavel Club

Alright, Lots of people don't want to join Gavel Club.
Yes? But why? Until now, I'm still figuring it out.
Afraid? Dislike? Lazy? Scary? No time?

Stop whining! Just join this Club and accompany me! I'm the only Malay girl who is in the club.
And there is ZERO Malay Boy. Ceitt.:face41:
Dimana menghilangnya Melayu kita?
I entered this Club last year. And honestly, when i first entered the room, i felt so awkward that i almost plan to not to come again. But the next meeting, i started to enjoy this club. SERIOUSLY!


:f: Because i am sure this club can help me to be more fluent in English. And its a ticket to continue your study overseas because of your good English.
:f: Because through this club, i will get to know my weakness, and my talent too!
:f: I will learn on how to overcome the butterflies in my stomach and speak out
:f: I will get to know how many Ahhh~ errr~ uhmm~ in every speech. ( as there is an Ah Counter )
:f: I will get to know how long do i speak ( as there is a time keeper )
:f: I will get to know my grammar ( as there is a Grammarian )
:f: I will get my speech evaluation ( as there is a Table Topics Master )
:f: I will know new word in every meeting ( as there is a Word Master Session )
:f: I will LOL and know new jokes in every meeting ( as there is a Humor Master )
:f: I will get an international certificate and will be called as a Competent Communicator if i have completed 10 Manual Project!

Still, i'm very curious, why there are lots of people who don't wanna join this club:face63:

Oh oh! Do you know what is Role Player of the evening?
It is a role that you can volunteer take in every meeting. The roles are :128:
:65: Gavelier of the Evening ( the one who will host the meeting )
:65: Inspirer
:65: Word Master ( the one who will introduce a new word )
:65: Table Topics Master ( the one who will evaluate your speech )
:65: Humor Master ( the one who will host the Humor session )
:65: Grammarian
:65: "ah" Counter ( the one who will count your Ahhh's )
:65: Time Keeper
and if you take the role, your name will be printed out.!
For Example

Last Tuesday, i have took the role of the "Ah" Counter. It was a lot of fun!
there are lots of Ahhhs that day, so i was like
:a2:1 ah, 2 ahs. 3 ahs, 4 ahs, 5 ahs,6 7 8 9 JACKPOT!:a2:
P/S : join je Gavel Club ni. Kalau nak tambah markah kokurikulum. Dia tak efek ape2 . Sebab Gavel Club ni macam kelab swasta la, takde kene mengena ngan kelab skolah. Kalau kelab sekolah, tak boleh nak join dua, nanti cikgu kata menyusahkan cikgu nak key-in kedatangan laaa ape laa. Gavel Club is an International Club:x: Just give it a try!

Post in English? nyahahahah XP

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