History of July

Olla senor senoritas~
how are yaaa? me? me fine~ *try to be one if i'm not*
I just came back from Kedah! Yes,, now at home.. what else??

They are my buddies this holiday. Spending most of my time with them !

History of July. Brings tears happiness memories to me and so do my friends in IKUPS. How i tried to become stronger. How i tried to pretend that i don't care what people tease me with. How i lose a friend. How i enjoy myself with the AWESOME WEYH SDN.BHD.. How i got sick AGAIN! How and hows and whys ?

First chapter of the month is with Two days of Sickness .
Second chapter of the month is with Muslimah's Week ( to be continued!) .
Third chapter of the month is By Enduring the Pains by myself without Mom. ( to be continued!)
Forth chapter of the month is Loosing a Friend. (to be continued!)
Frankly this month makes me cry much.
The month that makes me realize on how far i am from Allah.
The month where i have been tested.
The month where i cried a lot.

They don't know.

They just don't know.
I will never try to show my tears to them.
No matter how hard the things are going.

No way. Zero percentage. Negative.

Never going to.

"He who believes in Allah and the Day of Resurrection, do not let him harm his neighbor. And whosoever has faith in Allah and the Day of Judgement, let him speak only of what is good or else remain silent."

Praise be to Allah for creating me as who i am now. Eventho people do tease me. People take me for granted. I'll be strong because i know you will always be there for me, to comfort me. Thanks so much Allah for giving me this such test. I'm glad. You thought me how to be a strong girl, patient, humble and thankful for you gift. Praise for you ya Rabbi.

"If you never felt pain or experienced problems, how would you know I’m the Healer?
If you never made a mistake, how would you know I’m the Forgiver?
If you were never hurt, how would you know I am the Comforter?
If your life was perfect, then why would you need Me?"
[Hadith Qudsi]
I'm yours. I deserved to be tested.

YOU have hurt me too much!
One day you will feel the hurts that i have felt and then you'll know how it tries to kill me.
Serve you right. What goes around comes around.

-the end-

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