IF only YESTERDAY has a pause button =(

Rase berat sangat hati nak tinggal kan kawan2 yg sangat2 awesome and amazing and crazy!
if only yesterday has pause button then we can enjoy our good time longer ..
i really want a pause button.
Life is very funny right? =)
It will slow down when we are kinda like suffering.
and it will rush up when we are enjoying them. =)
but it's okay for me, because i can tell ya that this year is the best year EVER!
for the first time in my life, i feel sad to leave school. =(

Whatever happened in this whole year, i'll keep it in my mind and i'll appreciate them until i die (jiwang lebih)

Amal, Anith, Anis, Hanisah, Filzah, Azira, Nadhirah, Jia Woei, Sharifah, and sume laa uncountable thanks for the joy and happiness you gave me..

Pura2 membaca ^^

Anith kate : ini disebbkan konspirasi dua kamera!

3K1 menggungguli aktiviti2 lps PMR! Sbb tu dpt hamper =)
Su dihujung woo,, heee=) seronok jadi penegasan ^^

Perasaan sedih dan gembira kembali....


missanith said...

anith likee :) syg ena byk2 :DD heee

Sufina said...

love you more Anith syazlin!! yay2!