Sufina - Remember (Original Song)


Well, okay. This is a song i have created special to all my pals . It's almost end of the semester. And maybe! just maybe we will go to our separate way next year (to a better school) . And i'm HONESTLY happy that there are TONss of wonderful days we have together.

To My Girls : thanks for making me realize where i belong to. hee=)
To My Boys : Stop making me laugh with your jokes guys!

Thank you so much for making my day ALWAYS! Thank you for entering my life and make my world so colourful and shines so bright... Thank you for always be there when i'm feeling down.

There are LOTss of word to say that i can't describe. This so is for you..This song is for anybody on earth who has brighten my days =)



amir said...

keep up your smile because anything can happen, and, remember, friend always there to support you..^0^

Sufina said...

yeay! amir... =)
thank you =)
you always support me~~

yeayyy!! =)
smile =)