Met my Old Friend! Sabrina Izzati!

pagi tadi Su terjumpa kawan lame yg mmg lameeee ta jumpe,, lame sgt dh Lost Contact..
OMG! i remember when we were obviously crazy and idiot back then.. hoho^^
She is completely beautiful right now and i can say that she's more mature.. heeee=) *i'm still baby* =P

This is my sweety lil pie :

HELLO! ta matured ke macam nie? hoho^^

I miss her soo damn muchoo!
seriously,, i missed her laugh and smile and jokes ~
i'm completely touched by her update in her blog
*click here*

Read this!

Tekanla gmbr untuk besar kan! heee =)

Okay,, i just wanna thank Allah for giving me one more chance to finally meet her! yes!
i hope we'll be able to see face to face next time!
I friggin miss and love you HUNS!
LOVE <3333

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