11:21 p.m.

Dear bloggie.
Today, tonight.. I finally can see his face ,, AGAIN after quite a veeeery long time.

No words can explain how happy i am now.
Nobody can make me crazy like this.
No . Nobody. Nothing.

I've known him for 5 years . And thru all these years, we never talk, we never make an eye contact.
This feeling i had , i keep it -- until now. and i hope its going to be EVER AFTER.
I always try to search him in the internet. but. No, i could find nothing.
I have gave up for such a long time.
Until the moment that just past by me.
Today, i got the sudden urge to try to search him again and TA DA ,, i found it.

Nobody can make me feel this way. I try to hide . and yes, nobody knows. You may not know unless ive toldcha.
Having a chance to see his face, maybe for the last time, nobody knows, is great enough for me. At least, my mission is complete.

He's my first crush (opss heee) and forever he will be (okay, ini mimpi)

P/S : I used to hope that we will be in the same class EVERY YEAR, but when that dream comes true--I have to transfer to another school. This is my tragic story~

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