Your Everything .


Uyeaa, setelah berbulan tak update blog kesayangan aq ni, akhirnya, aq tetiba rasa teringin nak update blog pulak. hehe, kesian tgok blog yg semakin hari semakin usang dek entry lama.

SO today rasa cam nak share a song  that i wrote myself to a boy whom i USED to like so very much.

and he knew i wrote a song for him but he doesn't know the lyrics. I put my heart and soul writing this song. (chewwah :P) Enjoy friends!

chords :

Your Everything

Your smile makes me feel like
I'm in heaven for a while
I don't know how you steal my heart
on the first time you laid eyes on me
And now i'm losing my sleep cause I
wanna think about you all day long
You know you are pretty much make me
Losing my mind ..

c/o :

Boy ...
I like you
I need you
By my side ...
I need you
I like you
With all my heart

Can you see me
Can you hear me
I'm calling for you boy
Can you hear me
Can you see me
I'm waiting for your everything ...

o o o o o o la la la la la la la...

Your voice takes my breath away
Tell me how i should survive
I don't know how you brighten my day
Every time i see your face
and when i see you walk by me
I'll be losing my gravity !
You know you are pretty much make me
Losing my mind ....

Repeat c/o .

P/s : I only write songs that describe about my life and everything around me . It's like Taylor Swift but i'm far behind her . But it's fun tho ! Whenever i play the songs , all the memories will come across my mind . Future, planning to write a song for ISLAHAN and AWESOME WEYH . 
That's all for the entry today!

Adios Muchachos :)

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